Laura Turner

Glass Artist ~ Maker

Recently graduated from Wrexham Glyndwr University from Applied Arts, I make beautiful vessels from glass utilising the technique of Pate de Verre.  

I have always been a creative hands-on person so it was a natural progression for me to choose an Applied Art degree where I would be able to try and learn about Craft in it's true form. I found myself drawn to Glass in my first year of studying. I was fascinated by the way that light interacts with Glass and it's ability as a material to have so many different potentials from one origin.

I started to learn the technique of Pate de Verre in my second year of studying Applied Arts and soon fell in love with the technique. I was so intrigued in experimenting within the boundaries of Pate de Verre; how a few fraction of degrees could make all the difference, how colours would react differently and how to manipulate the thickness of each vessel for aesthetic appeal or plainly for balance. I have always been drawn to colour I find it particularly beautiful how colour reflects through glass, therefore it was only a matter of time until I found how to incorporate colour into my work. I use a unique form of frit-tinting where I place glass powder to outside of the Pate de Verre before fusing.

This technique taught me just how impressive but also how demanding glass could be, I hope to keep learning from it.

About me

20:20 Vision: Contemporary Glass On The Edge 7:30pm Friday 22nd May 2020

An event hosted by the Scottish Glass Society as part of the Glass Art Society Virtual Conference. I will be discussing my process and inspiration behind the pieces exhibited at On the Edge, part of the Scottish Glass Society's 40th anniversary exhibition. Link to register:

Handmade Chelsea

Chelsea Old Town Hall Friday 8 – Sunday 10 November 2019,

Cluster Crafts

The Old Truman Brewery Wed, 6 Nov 2019, 18:00 – Sun, 10 Nov 2019, 17:00

Glorious Glass - CGS

The World of Glass, St Helen’s, Merseyside WA10 1BX 21st September – 8th November 2019

On the Edge - SGS

Venue: North Lands Creative - 8-26 July 2019 Venue: The Trades House of Glasgow - 18-25 September 2019

New Designers

26th-29th June "New Designers provides a unique platform for fresh design talent to connect with design educators, professionals and consumers, for creative exchange and collaboration. Join us to champion and celebrate the future of design."

North Wales School of Art and Design Degree Show

24th May - 7th June, 10am - 4pm weekdays. In this degree show I showcased my 64 vessel collection resembling a splatter pattern, this event featured wonderful work from graduating students across the arts.

  • North Wales, United Kingdom